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NYC requires proof of vaccination for indoor dining, Buffalo bars and clubs say they won't follow suit right now

Some private businesses are going off the honor system
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Posted at 11:24 PM, Aug 05, 2021
and last updated 2021-08-05 23:41:17-04

(BUFFALO, N.Y.) WKBW — Some private businesses are requiring costumers to show proof of vaccination, others are going by the honor system.

“We decided to be responsible and only allow people here at club Marcella if you’re vaccinated,” Club Marcella Owner Joe Marcella said.

Marcella said that policy only lasted one month.

“I had to give up, Chippewa was busy, Allentown was busy, and I was only a quarter full,” Marcella said.

In New York City proof of vaccination is now required for indoor dining and gyms. One bar in Rochester has decided to follow suit.

"I want people to be able to truly come to this place knowing that it's safe as we can possibly make it," Owner of Lux Bar in Rochester, Karrie Laughton said.

Misuta Chow’s on Main Street will not turn people away who don’t show proof of vaccination. But they will require customers to wear a mask if they do not.

“And that’s absolutely, under current law, legal,” Legal Analyst Florina Altshiler said.

Misuta Chow’s said they believe going by the honor system is irresponsible. Altshiler said this is not a violation of HIPAA, or anyone’s rights.

“They’re saying you can’t enter their establishment unless you’re vaccinated, they’re not telling you that you have to go get the vaccine,” Altshiler said.

Marcella said he does not plan on reinstating his vaccine requirement unless he can be sure it won’t cost him business.

“It caused so many problems and headaches for us,” Marcella said. “Everybody does it, or no one does it, that’s it, simple.”

A dozen other local bars and breweries said they are not requiring proof of vaccination at this time, about half said they are going by the honor system, but some said that could change.