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North Tonawanda man injured in hit and run, looking for justice

Posted at 11:20 AM, Feb 15, 2019

BUFFALO, N.Y. (WKBW) — State police are investigating a hit-and-run on I-90 that left one man injured.

The accident happened Wednesday evening in Cheektowaga during a snow squall.

Police say Thomas Fasciano of North Tonawanda was westbound on I-90, when a blue car side-swiped his car.

Fasciano said an ambulance took him to a hospital where doctors determined he suffered from a bulging disk.

Now, Fasciano is looking for justice.

He said he tried to exchange information with the driver who hit his company car.

Fasciano said he thought the driver was going to pull over on the shoulder, but instead he drove off.

"It kind of blows my mind that something as simple as just a simple accident could have been easily handled with information exchange turned into someone fleeing a scene," said Fasciano. "An individual driving a Ford Explorer had exited the 33 on to the 90, and he slid right in the side of my work vehicle."

Fasciano followed the car, which he believes was a 2013 blue Ford Escape, in an attempt to stop the driver.

He said he followed the car for two minutes, then decided traffic was so slow that he felt it was safe enough to approach the other driver on foot.

After pulling over, Fasciano stood in front of the car, then other driver allegedly revved his engine twice and drove straight at Fasciano.

"Then all of a sudden he pressed on the gas. I could feel his vehicle just powering forward through the snow and slush," he said. "And at the point I more or less pushed off of his hood, rolled across his hood, part of his windshield and he continued driving."

Fasciano said he took cell phone video after he was nearly run over. He said he couldn't make out the license plates because they were covered with snow.