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No ranch? See how Tulsa is prepping for the invasion of UB Bulls fans

Posted at 9:20 PM, Mar 21, 2019

TULSA, O.K. (WKBW) — As University at Buffalo fans descend upon Tulsa, Oklahoma, one restaurant is hoping to make Western New Yorkers feel right at home.

"No ranch," J.L. Lewis, General Manager of Elgin Park Brewery said, "we will make sure ranch is far away from your wings."

Lewis and Elgin Park, a restaurant in Tulsa, have been preparing for the influx of fans for the past few weeks, as this weekend will see the NCAA tournament brought to Tulsa.

"This one we knew would be bigger than anything we have ever done" Lewis said.

In addition to their ability to eliminate ranch off their menu, Elgin Park is also stocking up on as much beer as possible, to avoid their bar going dry.

"We've been warned to stock up with beer," Lewis said, "and we have semi trucks outside full of beer ready to go. I'm not going to say we won’t run out but we will certainly do our best."

The Bulls playing in Tulsa isn't just exciting for businesses. Western New York native Kurt Preston, who has lived in Oklahoma for the past 20 years, was on hand to see the Bulls practice. He was ecstatic when the Bulls were coming to Tulsa, and is hoping to see them win a pair of games en route to the Sweet 16.

"Pleasant surprise when I saw on the news," Preston said, "Buffalo? And they’re playing here?!"

The 6-seed UB men face off against 11-seed Arizona State on Friday at 4pm EST.