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Niagara Falls street flooded with trash, no pick-up since July 9

“We pay our taxes, we take care of our property. This should not be happening.”
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Posted at 5:30 PM, Jul 23, 2021
and last updated 2021-07-23 17:38:57-04

NIAGARA FALLS, N.Y. — Brenda Kennedy, lives on Michigan Avenue in Niagara Falls and said the garbage on her street has not been picked up since July 9.

“This looks like New York City on dump day. For people who have breathing conditions, this is unacceptable. None of this is acceptable,” Kennedy said. “I have never seen anything like this.”

The overflowing trash stretched through the alleyway between Michigan and Linwood Avenue from 24th to 27th Street. Kennedy said there's even more garbage because of this week's storm damage.

“We pay our taxes, we take care of our property,” Kennedy said. “This should not be happening.”

She said her husband and neighbors have been making calls daily trying to get the street cleaned up.

“We have been told by the people who are responsible, Modern, that our garbage will not be picked up until tomorrow, which is Saturday,” Kennedy said. “Last week would have been a full week with garbage. Now, we are working on the second.”

After I spoke with Brenda, I called Modern Disposal, the pick-up company the City of Niagara Falls contracts to pick up garbage on this alleyway. Within three hours, the garbage trucks arrived.

Joe Hickman is a Sales Manager for Modern Disposal, and he wanted to meet me in Niagara Falls to see for himself the trash left on the streets.

“It appears that during the normal collection route, the alleyway was overlooked,” Hickman said. “When it was brought to our attention, we dispatched a truck and made sure it got cleaned up.”

Hickman said all the trash left from July 9 will be cleaned up by the end of the day.

“We will find out where the failure point was, and we will make sure this gets addressed, so it doesn’t happen again,” Hickman said.