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New research on pain relief possibilities of cannabis

Posted at 8:44 AM, Jul 24, 2019
and last updated 2019-07-24 08:44:14-04

ONTARIO, CA — Canadian researchers have discovered that cannabis is able to create pain-relieving molecules that are "30 times more powerful at reducing inflammation than Asprin." The research from the University of Guelph shows how cannabis could be used to offer powerful pain relief without the risk of addiction to other painkillers.

“Being able to offer a new pain relief option is exciting, and we are proud that our work has the potential to become a new tool in the pain relief arsenal,” said Steven Rothstein, who worked on the study.

The research team has now partnered with a Toronto-based company to continue their work. They hope to help provide safe anti-inflammatory medicine created from cannabis that would provide many patients with pain-relief alternatives.

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