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Neighbors say improvements to road safety long overdue

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Posted at 6:41 PM, Feb 16, 2022
and last updated 2022-02-17 16:19:02-05

BUFFALO, N.Y. (WKBW) — Christopher Johnson has lived in Buffalo for more than 40 years, and near Broadway and Bailey for about eight months.

“It’s always unsafe over here,” Johnson said. “Things need to change at this intersection.”

On Tuesday 15 minutes went by with no change to the signal. And when the crosswalk button was pressed – still no change. Residents said it's nothing new.

“It’s been frustrating all my life because I’ve been around here all my life,” Cory Teti said.

“Frustrating,” Johnson said. “I don’t think frustrating is the word.”

Johnson said he was good friends with 27-year-old Shauntia Dickinson who died crossing the street at Bailey and Broadway. He said people behind the wheel need to slow down.

“People need to be mindful of what they’re doing and stop being in such a rush," Johnson said. "Because wherever they’re going is still going to be there by the time they get there.”

“I’ve seen accidents multiple times," Teti said. "I’ve seen pedestrians run up to my car multiple times, it’s just an everyday thing.”

Neighbors said change is overdue.

“When it comes to the city, I feel like they really don’t care about this part of town," Teti said.

“It’s the city of good neighbors, but if you’re in the car, I guess people aren’t too good at being neighbors," Johnson said.

I reached out to Department of Public Works on Wednesday. On Thursday DPW commissioner Mike Finn said crews checked the pedestrian signals and said they are working properly.

If you notice a crosswalk signal in your neighborhood is not working, you can call 311 to file a request that it gets looked at.