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Need for at-home care increases, Health Force WNY says home care positions need filled ASAP

Health Force WNY is hiring around 100 positions
Posted at 6:00 PM, Sep 24, 2020

CHEEKTOWAGA, N.Y. (WKBW) — The home care industry has been steadily growing for decades. Now, It's booming amid a pandemic.

"This company has been open since 1985. They have never had a layoff. Never. Not one person," Pat Crall-Dwyer, administrator at Health Force WNY, said, "We have so many more clients calling get my mom out of the nursing home I want to get her home."

But having more clients is actually causing an issue.

"Our problem is we have more clients that want service than we have employees and care givers," Crall-Dwyer said.

That's why Health Force WNY is looking to fill around 100 positions over the next four to six months. Director of Cinical Services Pamela Kadish said the job isn't what you may think. It's simply helping someone get through the day.

"You might help them with a shower, help them get washed and dressed. You'll cook them a meal and clean up after that meal and after they're done in the shower. You'll throw a load of laundry in for them," Kadish said.

This career allows for a very flexible schedule. You can work two days a week or five. Kadish said this could be great opportunity for a parent with a child on a hybrid school schedule to make some extra money.

"They can do the evening shift, the night shift. They can do long shifts or short shifts. The long shift being 8 or 10 hours or short shifts being two or four depending on their child's schedule," Kadish said.

Training can be three weeks, two weeks or one day depending on the position. Director of Human Resources Scott Hottois said the pay is competitive with benefits. He said you can also qualify for bonuses.

“We reward nicely those employees that are on time, that don't call off, give great client care,” Hottois said.

To apply, call 716-885-2273 or visit Health Force's website.