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National Comedy Center to digitally preserve Dick Van Dyke Show scripts

Posted at 1:04 AM, Mar 21, 2019

JAMESTOWN, N.Y. (AP) — Hollywood producer Carl Reiner and the National Comedy Center say they're working together to digitally preserve Reiner's collection of scripts from the 1960's "The Dick Van Dyke Show."

The scripts are full of Reiner's handwritten changes to the dialogue.

Reiner, who turned 97 on Tuesday, says creating and producing the comedy is the project he's most proud of. His scripts for all 158 episodes have been stored away since production wrapped in 1966.

The National Comedy Center also says it has acquired production documents and scripts from director John Rich, who directed the first 41 episodes of "The Dick Van Dyke Show" and was the original director of "All in the Family."

The interactive comedy center opened last summer in the western New York city of Jamestown.