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Mother of man murdered in Buffalo demands change

Posted at 10:58 PM, Jul 13, 2020

BUFFALO, N.Y. (WBWK) — Evelyn Pratcher will never forget July 1st. She will never forget a specific spot off of Delaware Avenue, across the street from Canisius High School.

“July 1st, my son was here, to pick his fiancé up from work andhe was brutally murdered,” said Pratcher, who lives in Las Vegas, but came to Buffalo after her son was shot.

Her son was 28-year-old Shariff Jackson II, a father to four, including 6-month-old twins.

His mother says, he's from Georgia and his fiancé was only here for a temporary job at Buffalo Community Healthcare Center.

Buffalo Police say the shooting was targeted. Pratcher wouldn't comment on the investigation of her son's death. She does believe things would be different if the Buffalo Community Healthcare Center took different security steps.

“If there was a security guard there, I believe my son's life would have been saved,” said Pratcher.

We reached out to the nursing home's parent company, The Grand Rehabilitation and Nursing to ask about security procedures. We are awaiting a response.

Pratcher says something needs to be done to prevent another tragedy.