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More than 40 businesses on Elmwood are owned by women

"There are so many! And we're all women!"
Posted at 6:16 PM, Aug 07, 2019
and last updated 2019-08-07 18:16:13-04

BUFFALO, N.Y. (WKBW) — "You're shopping locally, and you're also supporting women, supporting minorities, and you're supporting refugees," Ashley Smith, the Executive Director of the Elmwood Village Association said.

That's what you'll be doing if you decide to shop around Elmwood Village.

"We were just going through the list and we were like, 'There are so many! And we're all women!' So it's really awesome and exciting," Angelina Messina, the owner of Spray Sole said.

She is one opf more than 40 women who own their own business in Buffalo's Elmwood Village. She opened Spray Sole about a year ago and quickly learned she had a lot of support from women calling their own shots, like Josephine Zagarella who owns Jolie and Jolie.

"I also took note before I started my business about how many women business owners there are right on this street," said Zagarella.

Women owned businesses are everywhere on Elmwood. In one area, there's three in a row: Spray Sole, Buffalo Fleece and Outwear and Globe Market.

"Spray Sole, Thin Ice, Shoe Fly, Campus Wheelworks... I've made a lot of friends in the neighborhood, and we've all done opportunities to grow together," Casey Hartley, the owner of Buffalo Fleece and Outwear, said.

The women work to help each other's businesses grow.

"It's really turned out to be a sisterhood," said Zagarella.

"It's definitely like a sisterhood. Almost like a sorority, but we're older," said Messina.

But to Alice Eoannou, who's owned Global Market for 15 years, all businesses on Elmwood are supportive of each other, no matter who's in charge.

"There are so many people on Elmwood willing to jump in and help," said Eoannou.

And to future women in business, they have some advice.

"Keep grinding!" said Messina.

"Have fun," said Eoannou.