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Main Street Monday: Lewiston

Posted at 4:16 PM, Dec 15, 2019
and last updated 2019-12-16 07:29:08-05

LEWISTON, N.Y. (WKBW) — "We are a great little village, it's special, we always say it's kind of magical here," Kathy Pignatora, an artist with her own shop right on Center Street in Lewiston called Inspirations on Canvas said.

The main local shopping hub in Lewiston is on Center Street. Filled with galleries, boutiques, antiques, bakeries and a quaint spice shop, you can get your last minute shopping done right in your backyard.

"It's a very exciting area that offers so much," John Lang of John Lang designs said. He creates custom metal art and displays his works right on Center Street.

"Lewiston is known for its arts, we are close to Niagara Falls, close to the river, close to the lake, so people come here for all of that," Lang added.

Kathy Pignatora's art is also inspired by the area. Creating affordable pieces to hang on your wall or on your night stand at home, her work is inspired by her life in Lewiston.

"There's no other place I think I could have been as successful as I am," Pignatora said.

Just across the street inside a historic yellow shop, Kristen Brolinski sells her "just add water" homemade meals in a bag. She's the second generation shop owner and says it's the customers that keeps her loving her career.

"It was a love for the people and what I could offer them," Brolinkski said. She has everything but the kitchen sink, from cornbread, to soup to every spice you could think of.
"They love the fact we treat people like family here," Brolinski added.

Right next door, you can pick out an outfit if you're heading out on the town. The Rose Hanger just moved into their new location to be more in the center of Center Street.

"This is such a cool street cause there is just so much that happens," Sara Morreale, owner of the Rose Hanger said. "The amount of foot traffic that happens on Center Street even on a snowy day is just unbelievable."

With lots of great restaurants to check out, you can make a whole day visiting Lewiston whether you're a tourist or local!