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Local rescue saves more than 20 dogs from what it believes is a stash house

Posted at 5:57 PM, May 04, 2021
and last updated 2021-05-05 09:49:11-04

ALLEGANY COUNTY, N.Y. (WKBW) — Be Their Voice Rescue has taken in more than 20 dogs from deplorable conditions. The rescue believes they are bait dogs used in fighting rings.

"This was an abandoned house. We believe it was a stash house. A lot of people say what’s a stash house? A stash house is what dog fighters breeders and baiters use to keep and store their dogs," January Vaughn, the president of Be Their Voice Rescue, said, "The two fighting dogs go after the bait dog until they entangle with each other and are fighting. Then the bait dog is taken out. They’re never cared for properly. They get left with the scares, the wounds. There’s no medical care or attention."

The fosters and rescue volunteers said it's clear the dogs never saw sunlight or felt grass.

"Some of them had no idea how to walk. That’s the worst part. When you watch them walk they lift their feet up very high because they’ve never done it before. That’s incredible just watching them get their footing and figure out how to do it," a dog foster said.

Be Their Voice Rescue said they are providing all medical care to the dogs in addition to daily needs supplies, but they need help to do that.

"We need donations for the vetting. The second booster. The spay and neuter. The wellness visit. The supplies that have gone into this," Vaughn said.

The rescue said they especially need fosters.

"These dogs need to experience love. Some of them are experiencing it for the very first time. You do it so they can experience that," a dog foster said.

To donate, you can venmo @BeTheir-Voice or you send via PayPal. To apply to become a foster, visit Be Their Voice's website.