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Local rescue ranch looking to raise money for horse's medical bills

Posted at 4:29 AM, Apr 28, 2021

VARYSBURG, N.Y. (WKBW) — Monday was Help a Horse Day, a national day of recognizing abused and neglected horses. Roanchar Ranch Draft Horse Rescue hopes the spirit of the day continue to help one of its horse's in need, Louie.

“Louie is a very very happy go lucky horse, he loves people, he loves life," said Lida Mosovich Ellsworth, the President and Founder of the ranch.

Mosovich Ellsworth said Louie's in pain all the time, and now doctors need to find out why.

The non-profit rescued Louie. She said the former race-horse came to them with a limp, and last fall they could tell something was wrong.

“When he started limping around he started to withdraw, he wouldn’t come out and see people, he wouldn’t come out of the barn so then we knew he was in pain,” said Mosovich Ellsworth.

Mosovich Ellsworth said Louie's unique in that he has pain in his front feet and rear leg, and they're trying to figure out if it's something in his hooves or his back.

She said that requires about two dozen x-rays and an exam to figure out where he's limping from, and then doctors will hopefully know how to treat him.

The ranch is looking to raise $2,100 for his medical bills. Mosovich Ellsworth said it's a necessary expense to keep him comfortable. The exams are already scheduled for May 12th.

“He is very very young, he’s only 11," she said. "He has an entire life to live and this is his first step to recovery so that he ultimately can be re-homed and find his forever home.”

The average lifespan of a horse is 25-30 years. Adoption is the goal for all horses at the ranch.

You can click here if you want to donate.