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Local quilter hopes to donate proceeds of "Inclusion" quilt to Buffalo 5-14 survivors fund

Posted at 11:33 PM, Jun 17, 2022
and last updated 2022-06-17 23:33:45-04

AMHERST, N.Y. (WKBW) — Inclusion is the word portrait quilter Pamela Pandolfi was tasked with creating a quilt around for a quilt show in 2017.

“I found the definition ‘when two or more people come together for a common good,” she said.

So the full-time quilter went to work, piecing together and painting our differences as people, and how beautiful that can be.

“We’re all equal no matter what the color of our skin is. We cry the same color tears we have the same color blood,” she said.

Pandolfi says due to other projects, she didn’t finish the piece until 2019. It was entered into the American Quilters Society Quilt Show. It took her roughly 70 hours on her machine to produce from start to finish.

When the tragedy happened in Buffalo in May, Pandolfi says she was compelled to help. She immediately thought of her inclusion quilt, and the peace, love, and joy to all on earth message on it.

“I thought the best thing to do is take this message and all the love that I put into this quilt and I’m asking someone to purchase this so that the money will go toward the Buffalo 5-14 survivors fund,” she said.

The quilt is appraised at $2,000. Pandolfi is hoping it goes to a place that the message can live on like a church or library for all to see.

“On the back of it, I have a little message summarizing what I have said but the last sentence is my point is that this world would be much more pleasant if we all accepted each others individualities.”

You can purchase the quilt by contacting Pandolfi at 716-430-8028. If the quilt is not sold and money donated by her next show, people can come and view it at the Roycroft Artisan Summer Show - Saturday & Sunday, June 25 & 26 at the East Aurora Healthy Zone Rink.