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Lawyer considering class-action suit against city for speed cameras

Posted at 10:51 PM, Dec 08, 2020

BUFFALO, N.Y. (WKBW) — School zone cameras in Buffalo have some furious. Drivers are receiving tickets when school is not in session, others are getting tickets late or with missing information.

Kevin Stocker has received two himself. The Buffalo lawyer says more people are coming to him to fight the tickets.

"A hairdresser will reach out to me, 'I've got 3 tickets. I want you to fight these for me,'" said Stocker.

Stocker is considering a class-action lawsuit against the city over the speed cameras.

"We will file together. We will challenge it. We're going to challenge it on a whole host of different issues, the constitutionality of it. It's nothing to do with child safety, has only to do with the money grab," said Stocker

On Tuesday the Buffalo Common Council was considering what they should do with these cameras.

"I am of the opinion that this council may have to take a stand and say this has to go on pause," said Council President Darius Pridgen.

The Council voted in favor of a resolution for the city to take a closer look at the data of when people have been ticketed and refund anyone who was ticketed during the wrong time frame.

The council will discuss in a future meeting if it makes sense to keep the school zone camera program running.