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Lancaster viral video sparks outrage, investigation

Posted at 6:52 PM, Oct 19, 2021

LANCASTER, N.Y. (WKBW) — It’s a video with words so vile and derogatory to women, we aren’t able to post it in its entirety.

In a video posted on the Western New York Media Network YouTube channel, a Lancaster Village Department of Public Works employee can be seen singing a re-make of the song “When the end of the month rolls along.”

The performer in this case changed the lyrics to talk about women’s menstrual cycles, sizes of their bodies, sex, sexual body parts and acts and other mysoginistic slurs.

The video operator then zooms into a female employee to get her reaction to the song.

That employee has now filed a sexual harassment complaint according to the Village of Lancaster. The Buffalo News reports that employee has retained labor attorney Lindy Korn. Korn did not return our request for comment.

According to the village, the young lady in this case is the victim in this situation and was brave enough to bring it to light.

The person who took the video has been identified by the Village of Lancaster as DPW employee and Town Councilmember Adam Dickman, who is running for re-election this November.

The village says in a statement as soon as it learned of the sexual harassment incident, it began an investigation and took “swift action against the employee in the video.” It is unclear if that employee is still on the job.

The village says it considered whether Dickman violated any policies or laws by recording and distributing and found no basis to take personnel action against him.

Assemblymember Monica Wallace, who represents this district says ““The behavior in the video is outrageous and reprehensible. Both the Village of Lancaster and the Town of Lancaster must conduct thorough, independent investigations to hold everyone who participated in that conduct accountable.”

Councilmember Adam Dickman sent us a statement saying:

“A video was taken on 7/15/21, over three months ago, and immediately sent to the parents of the young woman seen in the video. This has now turned in to a dirty political attack even though I have been cleared of any wrong doing by my employer and the family involved. This young lady has now been plastered all over the internet for my opponents political gain. It is disgusting and shameful. I do not condone the actions seen in the video or the use of this situation for political gain.”

In an October Board Meeting, the mother of the victim in this case spoke saying the performer has done this for about two years.

"Every single DPW worker knew of these performances, nobody expected that song on July 15. Adam Dickman immediately sent it to me. Adam sent it to us and I took care of it from there."

The village says it has issued additional harassment training in light of this incident.