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Kenmore native Anita Alvarez saved by coach in pool after fainting

Hungary Swimming Worlds
Hungary Swimming Worlds
Hungary Swimming Worlds
Hungary Swimming Worlds
Posted at 6:32 AM, Jun 23, 2022
and last updated 2022-06-23 06:36:20-04

BUDAPEST, Hungary (WKBW) — A two-time Olympian and Western New Yorker escaped a scary situation Wednesday, thanks to the quick actions of her coach.

Kenmore native Anita Alvarez fainted and sank motionless to the bottom of the pool during a solo free routine at the World Aquatics Championships.

Her coach, Andrea Fuentes, dove into the pool fully clothed, put her arms around Alvarez, and lifted her to the surface, where another person helped her get out of the pool.

I don't feel like a hero because for me it's just normal like if your swimmer is underwater, just go like there's no way I would let her stay there. I don't think it's a heroic action is just like the normal action to do. She was drowning, make her breathe that's it. And I'm happy that Anita is safe and she's happy and she wants to fight again.
Andrea Fuentes

Fuentes says Alvarez is feeling much better this morning, and her team and doctors are reviewing everything to make sure she's okay to return to competition.