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Is Buffalo a bad spot for singles? Dating expert weighs in

Posted at 7:35 PM, Feb 14, 2020

BUFFALO, N.Y. (WKBW) — A new study from says Buffalo ranks one of the worst cities to date. According to the study, only 12% of singles are actually satisfied with the dating scene here.

We took this question to you on Facebook and many agree.

Matchmaker Lisa Brydges is the co-owner of Matchmaking 2 a Tee. She says your phone and what’s on it could be to blame.

“They’re swiping and looking at a picture (on a dating app) and you’re not going to find love in a picture.”

It’s the day and age of dating apps, social media and the accessibility to the internet and communication. Brydges says as much as people love “instant gratification” it’s almost impossibly in a relationship and you must go back to the basics.

“They want an instant connection and it takes time,” she said.

That’s what her business, Matchmaking 2 a Tee helps people do. Cut out the phone, the social media, the texting—the middle man, and focus on developing a genuine connection.

Bridges says her matchmaking business takes it back to the basics. It asks the questions: Are these people deep down a good match? She says a big reason a lot of couples don’t work out is they don’t give the relationship enough time to develop.

“This could be a potentially really good match but just because you’re giving it one drink…it takes time, and people don’t want to take the time.”

“There’s some really great people out there. Buffalo is a really great place,” she said.