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Inflation impacting a bakery in Niagara Falls but customers say it won't stop them from shopping there

A local bakery owner says they might have to raise the cost for a loaf of bread from 5 to 6 dollars due to the rising cost of flour
Posted at 6:27 PM, Jul 14, 2022

NIAGARA FALLS, N.Y. (WKBW) — The owner of The Little Bakery in Niagara Falls tells 7 News she can't believe how much prices have gone up for all their items. She hopes there's some relief in sight because she doesn't want to keep raising her prices.

John and Jacky Teixeira buy a lot of bread from The Little Bakery. They have noticed prices going and say, "Everything's going crazy! We don't have anymore control because gasoline. We took a little trip. We have property down in the Southern Tier and to fill my truck it cost me 105 dollars!"

The owner of The Little Bakery, Samantha Bassett , says she doesn't want to pass the rising cost of goods onto her customers but she has no choice. "You know everything has basically doubled in cost. There are points in times where we actually thought about not producing some stuff that we make anymore because it was too expensive," says Bassett.

Right now a loaf of fresh baked bread is 5 dollars. Bassett says she hopes she doesn't have to raise it more, "We don't believe that a loaf of bread should be 6 dollars. It's definitely had a pretty big impact on our business." She also says it's becoming even more difficult to find things like paper products and salt. When she does find what she needs, the prices are sky high. She remembers back to 2018 when the cost of flour was under 10 dollars a bag. Bassett says, "A bag of flour now? It's up well over 20 dollars a bag."

Bassett says she hopes to see some relief soon so they don't have to keep raising prices. Meanwhile, customers at The Little Bakery say they will continue to buy bread and pizza here, regardless because it's so good.