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Increase in younger people hospitalized due to COVID-19

Hospital Hallway
Posted at 11:02 PM, Apr 22, 2021

BUFFALO, N.Y. (WKBW) — Current hospitalizations rates in Erie County, the highest since February, with younger people becoming a concern.

"There's a disproportionate amount of individuals that are younger and presently being hospitalized," Dr. Thomas Russo, Chief of the Division of Infectious Diseases at the Jacobs School of Medicine at the University at Buffalo, said.

According to Dr. Russo, a mix of new COVID variants and a lack of social distancing and mask wearing are big factors. Almost all of those hospitalized under 50-years-old are not vaccinated.

"You're not seeing people going into the hospitals that have been vaccinated," Dr. Raul Vazquez of GBUAHN and Urban Family Practice said, "you're seeing the ones that haven't been (vaccinated) because the eligibility has been catching up. We are getting younger with who is getting vaccinated so that will readjust itself."

Both doctors say this points to a positive note, showing that the vaccine has worked on those who get it.

"The good news is we have protected our most vulnerable via vaccination and for the most part they are staying out of hospitals," Dr. Russo said.