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"I want to see her grow up" local mother needs a kidney

Posted at 7:11 AM, May 08, 2020

BUFFALO, N.Y. (WKBW) — Every March, the Elsholz family celebrates their pride and joy, two-year-old Lorelai. But March is also a reminder that mom Katilyn Elsholz, may not have been here today.

One of the happiest moments of Katilyn's life soon turned into one of the worst. The day Katilyn and Husband Sean were taking Lorelai home, Katilyn had a 105 fever and was rushed to Buffalo General.

"If they didn't catch it in time, my daughter wouldn't have a mother," Katilyn said. "I just can't describe the feeling. It's just awful."

After many tests, doctors finally figured out Katilyn had a very rare genetic disease.
It's called Atypical HUS. Before her pregnancy Katilyn was healthy-- but her pregnancy sparked the disease to go after her kidneys. She has been living with stage five kidney failure for two years.

"If it was up to mother nature I wouldn't be here right now," Katilyn said.

As her daughter gets older Katilyn, is having a harder time keeping up with her. She's doing everything she can to get a new kidney and even posted her story on Facebook, sharing more than 1,400 shares.
She has one message for everyone; she needs a kidney to be the best mom she can for her daughter.

"She is starting to notice, and that's one thing I didn't want. I didn't want her to be affected by this, and she's such an amazing girl. She deserves so much she deserves a healthy mom," Katilyn said. " I want to see her grow up and do things… she's so active and bright she is 100-percent why I need it."

Kaitlyn goes to dialysis three times a week, even though this pandemic. She has o-negative blood, which makes it harder for her to find a kidney match. If you would like to see if you are a match or donate a kidney, you can call ECMC at (716) 898-6283, or you can email Katilyn directly at