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Horizon Health Services helping with your mental health

Posted at 6:06 AM, Mar 30, 2020

BUFFALO, N.Y. (WKBW) — This can be a stressful time for everyone. Horizon Health Services say they have seen an uptick in anxiety and depression in the last month.

Horizon Health says they have 100-percent of their services still open online for people to utilize.

Chris Frigon is a therapist for Horizon Health and says people should keep these tips in mind.

  • social distancing means physical distancing, but it's crucial to increase connection socially through phone calls and video chats.
  • Our brains crave variety. He says it's helpful to search online for things to do and stay productive.
  • There is a lot of value in structure. Plan things out, keep a routine, and have small things to look forward to.
  • If you have kids, think about what they would typically be doing right now and try to recreate that as much as you can.

Chris says it's okay to feel stressed out, but it's more important to manage it.
"An emotional reaction to this is normal and then try to think of some ways to get back control in our lives," Chris said, "The sacrifices we are making for the greater good is, of course, creating this separation.

If you think you need more help and advice on managing your mental health, you can call Horizon Health to speak with a professional.