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Growing trend: Reducing your carbon footprint when shopping

Posted at 11:30 PM, Dec 05, 2019

You may think about your carbon footprint while traveling to your holiday destination, but you might not think about it when it comes to buying gifts.

One way Americans are lessening their environmental impact this holiday season is through buying secondhand.

Michael Chamberlain, the owner of Hertel Home Consignment, said all the items in his store are on consignment from local people. The store sells everything from furniture, to stocking stuffers, to stockings.

"We want to reduce their carbon footprint, and they want to buy something that is high quality and why not reuse it," Chamberlain said.

Consignment shopping is growing on the internet too. A study from GlobalData, commissioned by thredUP, said the secondhand apparel market is expected to double between 2018 ($24 billion) and 2023 ($51 billion).

Another thing environmentally conscious shoppers can consider is buying local.

If you do decide to order a new item from the internet an MIT study said waiting up to 5 days for your delivery could help decrease carbon emissions by 30% in the last mile stretch.