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Grandparents finally reunited with grandson found sleeping on stranger's porch

Posted at 5:45 PM, Sep 18, 2019

"He looked good. he looked happy," Zenaida Colon said of her three-year-old grandson, Noelvin after seeing him for the first time since he was found asleep in a cardboard box at a home on Potomac Avenue in the City of Buffalo, Monday morning.

"He recognized us, hugged us, kissed us. It was a good visit," she added. She and the boy's other grandparents were granted a two-hour visitation Wednesday morning.

Noelvin's parents, 31-year-old Miguel Colon, and 24-year-old Nicole Merced, and their friend, 29-year-old Dhamyl Roman remain missing.

A car with human remains was found burned nearly beyond recognition Monday night. Buffalo police believe that fire started around 3:00 A.M. Monday morning.

"The fire burned extremely long and extremely hot and extinguished itself which left little left of the vehicle," said Buffalo Police Captain, Jeff Rinaldo.

Rinaldo said they still don't know whether the three missing adults are the victims of that fire.

Merced's father, Luis, remains hopeful his daughter is alive. "I was so close that she was my shadow," he said.

According to Colon, all had driven from Florida with the Noelvin for reasons still unknown. Although, she said long road trips aren't uncommon in her family.

Dhamyl lived in the Rochester suburb of Webster in 2016, but had since moved to Florida. That could be some insight into a possible connection to the area.

Now Colon's focus is getting custody of her grandson and bringing him home to Florida. She was temporarily denied custody until authorities can complete Colon's background check, and visit her home to make sure it's suitable for a little boy.

"I have people in my home now ready to accommodate them. So, my home is ready. it's been ready," Colon said. "I'm thankful for Buffalo, NY for taking care of him for a few days. But, I think it's time for him to head home," she added.

A"Go Fund Me" has been set up for the family's expenses.