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Governor Andrew Cuomo pushing to make surrogacy contracts legal in New York

Posted at 5:15 PM, May 30, 2019

BUFFALO, N.Y. (WKBW) — Becoming a parent is a title many hope for and with the advancements in fertility-- the dream of having a family can become a reality through IVF fertilization, sperm and egg donations and surrogacy.

But for New Yorkers, surrogacy has not been the easiest option. New York is just one of three states where surrogacy contracts are banned.

Dr. Robert Kiltz has been a fertility specialist at CNY Fertility in Buffalo for 20-years and says more people are looking towards other options to have a baby.

Dr. Kiltz says woman in New York have gotten around the ban by having someone carry their child, and then the parents have to adopt their baby from the surrogate. Kiltz says this makes potential parents very hesitant to use surrogacy because of the legal issue that can arise. Kiltz adds parents would also go to other states for surrogates.

"It is certainty growing tremendously because of the need of increased in fertility," Dr. Kiltz said. "Incidents because of postponement of child baring and woman are older in general."

Governor Andrew Cuomo said making surrogacy contracts legal in New York is one of his top priorities for the remaining weeks of this current legislative term.

Dr. Kiltz says surrogacy is a path to parenthood for many infertile woman and LGBTQ couples. Dr. Kiltz is in favor of the bill to make it easier on parents to use surrogacy but to also open the conversation about assisted reproduction.

"The most important thing in life is building a family and having children," Dr. Kiltz said."I think it makes sense to be family building, pro-family and make these laws bind with the modern fertility treatments."

The legislative session concludes in June.