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Family, friends of 56-year-old Kevin Hornburg teams up with WNY Missing & Unidentified Persons

“We hope that he’ll be found alive but as each day passes that hope diminishes some,”
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Posted at 8:29 PM, Jan 25, 2022
and last updated 2022-01-25 20:29:10-05

BUFFALO, N.Y. (WKBW) — Family and friends of 56-year-old Kevin Hornburg continue to search for him.

“We hope that he’ll be found alive, but as each day passes, that hope diminishes some,” Brenda Hornburg, sister of Kevin Hornburg, says.

Kevin was last seen in November at his home around 4pm on the 600 Block of Prendergast.

While the search continues for Kevin, his sister, Brenda Hornburg, and his family partnered with the founder of WNY Missing & Unidentified Persons, Merry Williams, to raise money for Kevin.

“We are hoping to start getting funds going whether he’s found safe or not so his family doesn’t have to stress about that part of things,” Merry Williams, founder of WNY Missing & Unidentified Persons, expresses.

Merry says missing person cases tend to become a cold case in Jamestown, which encourages her to make sure those gone missing are being heard or seen.

“And with Jamestown, one person knows and a couple people know, and obviously somebody knows what happened to Kevin,” Merry says. “So we’re hoping those rumors and those small-town things start to come together with our community people are talking about it. “

Kevin's daughter couldn’t speak to WKBW, but she said continually searching for her dad for the past three months has opened her eyes.

That's why she’s making an effort to donate the funds to St. Susans Center, a soup kitchen her dad would go to.

“Kevin was a good-hearted person. He went to St. Susan’s a lot and I think it’s a wonderful idea that Kait came up with to do volunteer donations or something to St. Susan's in Kevin's name,” Brenda says. “Because that’s the type of person Kevin was or is hate talking about him in past tense, but it’s hard not too.”

Brenda hopes rewards being offered by both her family and police will encourage someone to come forward.

"I want to say this, $3500 is a lot of money,” Brenda says. “People, if you know something, tell us otherwise. You’re just as guilty as people who may have hurt Kevin."

Jamestown Police say they continue to search and investigate Kevin Hornburg.