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Families flock to Chestnut Ridge for sledding before holidays

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Posted at 4:22 PM, Nov 23, 2022

ORCHARD PARK, NY — On Wednesday, Chestnut Ridge Park was busy with dozens of families sledding, one of the oldest traditions in Western New York.

For some this was their first time seeing snow, like the Gutierrez family from Miami, Florida.

"We were coming up to the Fingerlakes for Thanksgiving and we figured we would go the extra hours so the kids can experience their first snow," said Jonathon Gutierrez, who brought his two sons Joseph and Jayden to the park to experience snow.

While, David Wagner was raised in West Seneca, but moved to Lake Tahoe, for the holidays he wanted to show his grandchildren where he used to sled as a kid and even joining in the fun too

"I got to pass it on to my children and our children are passing it on to their children," said Wagner.

Some families even came together from Michigan to celebrate the holidays like the Connelly's.

"It was our first time here, and the hills are fun and the bumps are insane," said Erin Connelly, who was joined by her cousins Brice, Ian, Allie, and Evelyn.