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Dr. Eugene Gosy trial to start in January 2020

Legal case against pain management doctor underway since 2016
Posted at 12:54 PM, Dec 31, 2019

BUFFALO, N.Y. — The 114-count indictment in April 2016 of Williamsville pain management physician Dr. Eugene Gosy became one of the biggest stories of that year.

Prosecutors accused Dr. Gosy of illegally issuing hundreds of thousands of prescriptions for controlled substances, unlawful distribution of narcotics, conspiracy to commit health care fraud, and health care fraud.

However, the indictment and subsequent closure of Gosy's neurology and pain management office caused a serious public health crisis as thousands of patients suddenly found themselves without a doctor to treat their chronic pain.

"Without Dr. Gosy there, without his unique skills and experience, this practice will close," said defense attorney Joel Daniels.

A federal district court judge eventually ruled that Dr. Gosy could continue his practice on the condition that he was overseen by a qualified supervising physician.

The decision helped the practice stay in operation but many of Gosy's patients still struggled in finding a doctor to treat their pain conditions long-term.

Then in November 2017, a 166-count superseding indictment increased the charges against Dr. Gosy including allegations that his illegal behavior had resulted in the death of six (6) patients.

More changes in the legal case occurred in early December 2019 when prosecutors dropped 88 of the felony charges related to the illegal distribution of drugs.

The remaining charges related to conspiracy and patient death have now set the stage for a months-long trial with jury selection scheduled to begin on Tuesday January 7, 2020.