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DiCamillo bakery to open renovated location

Posted at 4:24 PM, Jul 29, 2020

NIAGARA FALLS, N.Y. (WKBW) — After 100 years of serving generations of families in Niagara Falls and beyond, family-owned DiCamillo Bakery is growing.

"No pun intended but grandfathered in is really what our name implies," said Matthew DiCamillo, Co-owner of the bakery.

A brand new flagship store and production facility on Linwood Avenue is set to open Thursday.

The 30,000 square foot facility produces products for all five DiCamillo locations.

Co-owner Matthew DiCamillo said they knew they wanted to renovate two years ago.

"We didn't begin until, let's say, December-January of this year," he said.

When customers visit the facility, not only will they have a large selection of baked goods to choose from, but they will also get to see exactly how everything is produced.

"It's a really authentic experience. I mean not only are you getting fresh product baked out of huge ovens coming right to the customers immediately, but they're able to see - and we're able to see - the interaction between our back shop employees, our front shop retail workers, our office workers, and our customers all coming in," said DiCamillo.

The bakery did not close during the stay-at-home order, as it is considered a food processing facility.

DiCamillo said that was beneficial for people living in the north end of Niagara Falls who needed product.

He said he wants customers to stop in, see, and smell 100 years of history.

"You've got a lot of generations of customers whose grandparents bought here, whose parents bought here, whose sons and daughters buy here," he said. "At the same time we employ a lot of people in the community who also come back and say 'oh I used to work here and now I just buy the bread.' You know, 'this was my first summer job and I love you guys."

The bakery opens Thursday at 7 a.m.