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Customer confusion: Walmart pulls single-use plastic bags ahead of deadline without warning

Posted at 6:19 PM, Feb 24, 2020

One by one, that's how many shoppers loaded their items into their cars outside of the Walmart Supercenter on Sheridan Drive Monday morning.

73-year-old Linda Berg of Buffalo included.

"When I got into the store, I didn't realize i needed to use the reusable bags now," she said.

In fact, many said they weren't given any warning the single-use plastic bags would be discontinued ahead of the March 1 deadline.

"I already have bags for other stores. But, with Walmart I didn't think I needed my reusable bag," said Brad Banaszyk of Tonawanda.

Sheridan Drive shoppers were offered limited single use bags around noon on Monday. Although, it's unclear if they'll be offered consistently until the ban takes effect on Sunday.

Shoppers at the Walmart Supercenter on Walden Avenue in Cheektowaga weren't as lucky. That location was also out of bags Monday afternoon.
Nancy Barr carted out all her loose groceries and bagged them using old bags she had in the car. "It is an inconvenience. Plus they're making money because the recycle bags cost $1," she said.

We reached out to the company for clarification on its policy, but we haven't heard back.

Shoppers like Linda Berg said the damage is already done.

Reporter Ali Touhey: We're you frustrated when you realized?
Berg: Not frustrated. Just tired. I want to get home, my back is killing me.