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Cheektowaga Police continue to look for suspected hit and run driver

"I'm so sick of people they don't care for us walkers."
Posted at 5:18 PM, Mar 01, 2022

BUFFALO, N.Y. (WKBW) — Capt. Thomas Wentland of Cheektowaga Police Department says they found what they believe to be a suspected vehicle from the fatal hit and run that happened Saturday night.

Police received a call from a witness about seeing a body on the road near Clinton Street under the Route 90 bridge.

"They turned around and blocked the body for us. Called 911 and put a blanket over the person, and that's how this started."

Police say 64-year-old Paul Kitchen of Buffalo was the victim of the deadly hit and run crash Saturday.

Police believe the 64-year-old was walking with his cane while crossing Clinton Street.

7 News reporter Yoselin Person spoke with people who usually walk on that path, and they say no one is mindful of walkers.

"I'm so sick of people they don't care for us walkers," says Denise Deyot. "Last year I was walking to work and got hit by a car. She didn't see me, she thought she hit a deer."

Deyot says when bad weather rolls through it make her walk even worse.

"Especially the snowfalls we have to walk in the street. We can't walk on the sidewalk because nobody shovels," she says. "When the cars go by us, they get pissed because we're in the street, but there's nowhere else for us to go."

Another pedestrian says whoever the suspected driver that struck and left the 64-year-old to die should've stopped and let him finish crossing.

"It's messed up. They should give the guy some time to cross the street even if he's going slow, don't go too fast and if he has to stop, don't go too fast. Don't just hit him and drive off like that, that's wrong," says David Jackson.

Yet, police continue to be confident of finding the driver who hit and killed the 64-year-old man.

The following update was provided Wednesday:

Good afternoon, Our investigators have been contacted by attorneys who represent our persons of interest. They have declined to speak with us at this time. The investigation is continuing as search warrants are obtained and additional forensic analysis of fractured parts and trace evidence is conducted.