SHANDRA SMITH.jpeg "My mom is incredible! She was a single mom for 10 years, put herself through college, ran a half marathon at 45 and planned not 1 but 2 weddings during covid for her kids. She would do anything for her family and we are so grateful for her! We love you mom! Happy Mother’s Day!"

Submitted by Shandra Smith, celebrating Julie Wagner
Photo by: Shandra Smith
Celina Bryan.png "My mother is so selfless and kind. Growing up with my 3 brothers, my mom always put us first. All of our friends would even call my mom their mom because she takes care of everyone she encounters with the same kindness. She would give you the last of anything she has. She is not only a light of strength and role model for me, she is my inspiration to help others and start down a path of charitable works for the buffalo community. My mom is the best!"

Submitted by Celina Bryan, celebrating Melinda Bryan
Photo by: Celina Bryan
Debbie Marguccio.jpg "You only have 🌹🌹 1 MOTHER 🌹🌹 I ❤❤ & MISS YOU SO MUCH MOM !! 🤔🤔🤔 THINKING OF YOU EVERYDAY !! 💘💘💘💘💘 I LOVE YOU, LOVE YOUR ONE & ONLY DAUGHTER 🌹DEBBIE🌹"

Submitted by Debbie Marguccio, celebrating Sarah Marguccio
Photo by: Debbie Marguccio
Emily Raiport.jpeg "Stacey is a very caring, selfless mom. She is always there when you need her, willing to drop whatever she is doing to help others"

Submitted by Emily Raiport, celebrating Stacey Raiport
Photo by: Emily Raiport
Ashley Trainor.jpeg "Loving, caring, hard working mom who deserves the world and more!"

Submitted by Ashley Trainor, celebrating Trudy Trainor
Photo by: Ashley Trainor
Connor Cummings.jpeg "A 50+ year old woman who works three jobs including working with COVID patients at Mercy Hospital. The best role model for work ethic and life experiences. Happy Mother’s Day Mom!"

Submitted by Connor Cummings, celebrating Lucy Cummings-Pienta
Share your pictures and stories at by: Connor Cummings KATHY SMITH.png "My mom is my world, she is my forever Angel now"

Submitted by Kathy Smith, celebrating Linda Smith
Photo by: Kathy Smith