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Candy and a ballot, Halloween at the polls for "kid voters"

Posted at 7:02 PM, Oct 31, 2020
and last updated 2020-10-31 19:02:32-04

BUFFALO, N.Y. — Chocolate, candy, and a ballot. Those were the treats that trick-or-treaters received at the Delavan Grider Community Center early voting site on Halloween.

The Buffalo chapter of Alpha Phi Alpha, along with other fraternities and sororities hosted a "Kids Vote Too: Trick or Treat at The Polls." Children had the chance to cast their own mock ballot and receive Halloween candy, while their parents participated in early voting.

Darnell Cummings is the Rho Lambda chapter of Alpha Phi Alpha president. He said the event was designed to encourage adults to vote early and for kids to become familiar with the voting process.

“We have to teach the generation who’s next because they’re the next leaders," Cummings said.

The group also wanted to make sure kids still had a safe way to celebrate Halloween. Several Greek organizations gave out candy to the young voters.

Stacy Beauford said she dropped off her absentee ballot at the Delavan Grider Community Center so her son could participate in his own voting, and learn what is expected of him.

"He's done in his civic duty, I've done mine," she said.

Beauford said Halloween is big in their family, but with COVID-`9 they're sticking to trick-or-treating at the polls.

“We love the opportunity to dress up, and to have a good time, and enjoy friends and family," she said. "We usually host a party, but with COVID we could not do what we usually do.

The treats weren't only for those in costume. Voters standing in line received some goodies too.

“Once they get there, we want to keep them there," Cummings said. "I know it’s a little chilly out, so we have hot apple cider, we have water, we have the music playing. We have more than enough to keep them, so that they can stay, and make sure that their voice is heard.”

The last day of early voting is Sunday.