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Cancellation of ‘Hamilton’ performance at Shea’s impacts surrounding restaurants

"When the shows get canceled, then you start to think about what's next? Businesses are affected. Are we going back to curbside?"
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Posted at 11:41 PM, Dec 29, 2021
and last updated 2021-12-30 16:24:05-05

BUFFALO, N.Y. (WKBW) - — Three performances of Hamilton at Shea's Performing Arts Center have been canceled.

Shea's reported breakthrough cases within the company on Tuesday.

The last-minute cancellation has put an extra strain on surrounding restaurants.

"When the shows get canceled, then you start to think about what's next? Businesses are affected, are we going back to curbside?," says the owner of Buffalo Soul, James Alexander.

"If we're going back to curbside that affects a lot of businesses because your bartender, your servers, they're at risk of unemployment especially going into the New Year, so it definitely puts in a lot of fear into us business owners."

Alexander, says his business suffered a lot, and with the show being canceled, it has added more to his business, but he may have a plan.

"One of the plans is promoting a lot more and doing a lot of flash sales and things like that," he says. "In order to generate more walk-ins and more revenue."

Meanwhile, just down the street from Alexander's restaurant, The Pour Taproom Buffalo isn't being affected quite as much.

"People already showed up and paid 25 dollars to park. So they came in and spent some extra time here they normally would have," says co-owner Matt Prime. "But we got a cancellation for reservations tonight, so we'll see what tonight and tomorrow will bring for us."

Prime says it's hard for him to judge what the days will bring.

"Usually, parking is brutal down here on show nights," he says. "Without the show, it would probably be a little bit better."

Even Alexander says the same.

"We definitely suffered a lot as far as our catering business this year, and with the show being canceled, it has been a slow December for us," the owner of Buffalo Soul says.

Both restaurant owners are confident that their business will meet at total capacity coming next year.

Shea's says you'd automatically get a refund if you bought your tickets through Ticketmaster.

If not, you can go to your point of purchase for either a refund or tickets to another show.