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Williamsville couple pumping money into complex to help new businesses open in a pandemic

Posted at 5:33 PM, Feb 02, 2021

WILLIAMSVILLE, N.Y. (WKBW) — Many businesses were forced to shutter during this pandemic.

But, a Williamsville couple has been pumping a lot of their own cash into making sure at least their little corner of the community is able to thrive.

Howard Cadmus and his wife bought three historic buildings in a Williamsville complex off Main Street and started fixing the buildings up in 2014.

Cadmus said they anticipated it would take about 10 years to get them in working shape, but things have moved faster than that.

“These three buildings were the heart of the village and we needed to get them pumping,” he said.

Cadmus Law offices, Sweet Jenny’s and 1811 Comics have been up and running but a third building was vacant — a 210-year-old former timber mill.

It’s now been renovated and will be home to a new Dojo practice — Mizuchi Dojo.

Cadmus came across a friend’s Facebook post in the middle of the mill’s renovations and reached out.

“The VA had closed my department I was working at part time,” said Bill Reynolds, the Shi Han. “He said, ‘Hey Bill, now that you’ve got some spare time, I’ve been wanting my son to start the martial arts, would you be willing to just tutor him in it privately?’”

Those private instructions then turned into a pitch from Cadmus for Reynolds to run a dojo out of the renovated mill.

The grand opening will be February 12 at 6pm.

You can read more about class offerings here.