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The Teachers Desk still giving despite the pandemic

Posted at 4:00 AM, May 07, 2020

The Teacher's Desk is an organization that provides school supplies to educators for free.

Due to COVID-19, they have had to shift the way they help give students learning tools.

They are doing this through what they call "Books and Bites".

When a student is delivered their school lunch, a new book is delivered as well.

"We're all over Western New York," Director John Mika said. "We've been doing it for seven weeks now and we just distributed 70,000 books to give kids a huge smile during the pandemic."

Of the 70,000 books, about 40,000 have been in honor of Volunteer Coordinator Robin Penberthy, who died tragically last fall.

"She had such an incredible love for reading and loved the idea of cracking a new book for a student," Mika said. "Inside each book donated in Robin's memory is a little message saying "Work hard, bless others, and spend a little time each day reading with Robin."

For anyone who would like to donate to The Teacher's Desk, visit the link here.

If your school would like to work with The Teacher's Desk, use this link.