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Ten Lives Club takes in rescue cats from Puerto Rico

Posted at 4:40 PM, Feb 23, 2021

Ten Lives Club staff awaited at the Buffalo Niagara International Airport for the arrival of American Airlines Flight 4737 from Puerto Rico. Because on that flight are six rescue cats in need of attention and care.

"We're going be able to take them in and find them the loving homes that they deserve," said Kimberly LaRussa, Ten Lives Club PR Manager.

The cats come from the All Sato Rescue in Puerto Rico. LaRussa said they didn’t have the space to keep them, so the two shelters are teaming up to save the six cats.

"We're here to take care of them no matter where they come from. So we're fortunate enough that we have the space and the means to take in these cats, and so that's why they reached out to us,"she said.

The cats all come from very tough situations, but Ten Lives Club will be taking care of them until they can find their forever homes.

"There's a cat who had a very bad tail infection, and so they actually had to amputate its tail. So these cats have been through a lot," said LaRussa.

This is the first time Ten Lives club has ever partnered with a shelter in Puerto Rico.

"I'm so blessed to be working with Ten Lives Club to help every cat that comes in, make sure that they're happy, healthy and going to a loving forever home for them," said Rachelle Keller, Ten Lives Club Donor Relations Manager.