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Teen creates free food pantry in her front yard

Kai's Pantry
Posted at 6:55 PM, Apr 27, 2020
and last updated 2020-04-27 18:55:23-04

MEDINA, N.Y. (WKBW) — On Gwinn Street in Medina, people in need can find just about anything, even toilet paper. It's all thanks to 13 year old Kaiana Garner.

Garner started the free food pantry in her front yard about three weeks ago. People walking by can grab food or toiletries, and other items they may be in need of during tough times. The pantry has pasta, beans, vitamins, paper towels, and more. Garner said she was inspired to start the pantry when she saw a story on the news about a church that started one. Two days later her pantry was up and running.

"I'll wake up, do some homework and things, and then we'll check the weather to see if it's a good day to set out the pantry," she said.

Garner's mother, Ciara Davis, said she is very proud of her daughter.

"I wasn't too surprised because Kaiana has a very big heart," Davis said.

It's a heart that's contagious. Donations have come in from the Liberty Partnerships Program, Discount Groceries in Lyndonville, and people who are just walking by.

"The community has also been a really big help with it," Garner said. "So that's one thing I like about it, it's not just us that's giving back, it's also the whole community."

Garner and her mother usually go inside after rolling out the pantry so people can take what they need anonymously. Garner said they plan to keep giving back for as long as they can.

"Me and my mom have been blessed that we can give back to our community," she said.