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Kenmore West seniors create free tutoring and resource website

Posted at 6:22 AM, Apr 08, 2020
and last updated 2020-04-08 06:22:47-04

KENMORE, N.Y. (WKBW) — Schools are temporarily closed and learning remotely has become the new norm.

Kenmore West seniors Krish Patel and Gerald Rott know this all too well as they work on their high school degrees from home. Their final year of walking the school halls and playing in their respective spring sports are currently on hiatus.

"It's just not ideal," Rott said. "I always imagined my senior year looking different. I'm sure everyone did, no one really expected this."

But that's where those hardships and the unknown turned into an idea.

"I just was kind of brainstorming one day what to do during the quarantine," Patel said. "I was texting my friends, they were all freaking out a little bit, so I figured, why not try to help?"

The two seniors launched JK Education. It's a website that any student in Western New York can utilize for free, taking tutoring that would normally go on behind the school doors to your computer screen.

"Not every kid needs this but some kids do and it's important to have that education there for them," said Rott. "So it's just normalizing everything a little bit more in this crazy time period."

It's easy to use. Just log on to their website, There you can find resources on things like AP exams and sign up for free student-tutoring. The latter has already gotten great results.

"The one girl had a test the day after she was tutored and she got a 100 on it," Rott said. "So I think it worked pretty well."

It's all about helping and making a difference, trying to do some good during these uncertain times.

"We're just trying to find stuff to do so if you need any help, check out the site," Patel said. "Everything's on there and you can talk to us if you have an idea. We're just here to help and just tell us how."