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"Hang it in the Albright-Knox"

Art gallery calling on #BillsMafia for art submissions before AFC Divisional round - with best pieces to be shared across social media.
Posted at 6:29 PM, Jan 21, 2022

BUFFALO, N.Y. (WKBW) — The Albright-Knox Art Gallery wants your Bills-themed artwork to "hang it in the Albright-Knox" before the weekend's AFC Divisional Playoff game against the Kansas City Chiefs.

"We are so excited to share some of the best pieces of Bills-themed art on our social media, and embrace the artistic abilities of our great Western New York community," said Callie Johnson, the Communications Director for the gallery.

7News caught up with one of the artists that's already been featured on the gallery's social media - Dalton Burlington, a 16 year-old student at St. Mary's School for the Deaf in Buffalo.

Dalton headlined a team of students at St. Mary's to create "Let's Gogh Buffalo," a play on Vincent Van Gogh's trademark painting "Starry Night," featuring Bills Quarterback Josh Allen.

"I love to draw, it was special ... really special to me," signed Dalton, who was able to interview with 7News through a translator.

The school tells 7News that art is a very important part of the learning experience at St. Mary's, which hosts about 100 students with varying degrees of hearing-based challenges on a day-to-day basis.

"For these kids, art comes alive through sign language. When we want to make the stars shine, they shine. When we want to make the waves churn, the signs help us. We walk through the painting and it becomes more real than ever before," said Sarah Renswick, an art teacher at the school.

Here, Renswick breaks down why art is so important to her deaf students:

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The Albright-Knox has featured a few other works thus far, like this image of a Bills logo from Lockport:

The Art Gallery will continue to take in submissions until kickoff this Sunday against Kansas City.