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Friends are hoping bracelet sales can help pay for a classmates bone cancer treatment

Two girls are donating bracelet sale profits to classmate battling bone cancer
Posted at 7:43 AM, May 22, 2023

LOCKPORT, N.Y. (WKBW) — A kit full of rubber bands and beads aren't the usual things that bring friends together, but for classmates Adrianna Rivera, Madelyn Kennedy and Kenneth Miner they actually did.

Matching bracelets

With matching yellow bracelets with a smiley face charm at the center, these friends said it's a sign of the friendship they'll be sure to cherish.

This comes especially after finding out about Kenny's diagnosis.

"He has cancer," 8-year-old Adrianna and 10-year-old Madelyn said.

"It's been really stressful, annoying at the same time, and pretty much just a little painful," 10-year-old Kenny said.

It was just the past March when Kenny, his big sister Harlee and his mom Barbara Miner found out he had a type of bone cancer known as osteosarcoma. Miner said everything since then has been a bit of a whirlwind.

"I am lucky enough that I get to sit and have our special little talks because a lot of feelings do come with this and I try to be open and honest with him about what's going on, the transitioning," Miner said. "I want him to be prepared."

Miner said with the diagnosis comes a series of treatment plans and of course, unexpected costs. This is why her son's friends are hoping their bracelets can help.

"So that they can pay for this cancer so then he could get better and so that he can like get his surgery done," Adrianna said.

You can donate to the "Bracelets for a Cause" GoFundMe by clicking here.

Bracelets for a cause GoFundMe

While Kenny has since transitioned to homeschooling since beginning his treatment, they said support has already come in from the other students and teachers at their school Roy B. Kelly Elementary in Lockport.

The girls said after making over 150 bracelets in just two days they've already donated nearly $300. However, they shared that it's not just the bracelet you'll get after placing an order.

"We actually pray for some of the bracelets," Adrianna said. "So like whoever like receives gets like a blessing."

The proud mama's behind these three friends said they have already received their blessing. They said it was the chance to finally meet all together in person for the first time for a special reason.

"With our girls doing this we hope that maybe it shows others to help other people because we really need that in the world," Madelyn's mom, Michele Kennedy said.

"It starts at home," Adrianna's mom Rianna Rivera added.

Miner said she is so thankful for the support her family has received. She said she doesn't have a lot of family in Western New York and now she feels like she isn't so alone. She is also hoping to spread awareness around cancers like osteosarcoma that aren't always associated with children Kenny's age.

Kenny shared a special message for his family's newfound community backing him as he navigates his battle with cancer.

"Thank you and God bless you and I'm thinking about you guys and yeah," Kenny said.