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First time parents giving birth at a local doggie daycare as they couldn't make it to a hospital in time

baby born at dog daycare
Posted at 11:35 PM, Jan 23, 2023

BUFFALO N.Y. (WKBW) — The Lipscomb family had every intention to head to the hospital as time was ticking to bring their baby girl into the world. Their first stop was Tazitos doggy daycare" to drop off furry family member Pringles.

The parents said everything happened so fast. They were parked in front of the doggie daycare and mom felt the baby coming.

"Tyler [the dad] gets out of the car and by the time he gets to the front door the baby's head is literally out," the mom said.

Shortly after she gave birth in the back seat of their car to a healthy baby girl.

"Just like super happy and just like grateful that like she's fine and I'm fine and it went as smoothly as it did," mom said smiling.

The doggie daycare helped the new parents call 911 and get their dog situation so they family could travel to the hospital. The owners supplied blankets to the couple trying to keep the baby warm while professional help was on the way.

"Very excited. First Tazito's baby you never think that you're going to be a dog daycare and and have a baby come be born in front on your daycare but def happy and excited to be apart of the story," owner of the daycare said.