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Depew family wins adaptive bike for their son with help from the community

Posted at 2:42 PM, Feb 16, 2021
and last updated 2021-02-17 10:29:19-05

UPDATE: Owen Gratien's mother, Melissa Gratien, says with the help of the community the family has won the adaptive bike for Owen. $2,865 was raised of a $1,600 goal, Owen's team page says every amount donated after the goal was reached will help those who have not reached their goal.

ORIGINAL: A Depew family is asking for your votes and support to help their son win an adaptive bike - through the Great Bike Giveaway.

Seven-year-old Owen Gratien a special boy, and he's looking for a special bike

Owen has severe non-verbal Autism, hypotonia, which is low muscle tone & epilepsy.

But that doesn't get between him and his love for bike riding with his siblings.

That's why the family entered Owen into the "Great Bike Giveaway" - which is run by the Friendship Circle - so he can get an adaptive bike.

"It seems like it would be good for his stability, it has straps to hold him up, and has pedal straps to keep his feet on, so his feet couldn't slip off. And then it also has a parent handle in the back so that we could push him around," said Melissa Gratien, his mother.

She said they always look forward to the summer so they can enjoy their favorite activity.

Melissa said having an adaptive bike would be life changing.

There's a total of five people who want the same $1,600 bike he does.

The Depew family is asking for your votes and support to help their son win the adaptive bike - all you have to do is go on their team page and vote or donate.

"We would love the votes as well but I know times are tough but if people can donate that would be wonderful too," she said.