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Buffalo 'snow angel' receives surprise thank you

"I just jumped in and did what I had to do."
Aughtry Family
Posted at 3:46 AM, Feb 09, 2023

BUFFALO, N.Y. (WKBW) — The December blizzard, which is blamed for the deaths of nearly four dozen people, also brought out the best in a number of Western New Yorkers, including one Buffalo family, that opened their doors to a man living with disabilities.

The man, whose name is Joey, was caught outside in the storm Christmas Eve.

7 News' Pheben Kassahun was there Wednesday night, as the family that took him in, received a special 'thank-you', for their life-saving help.

"We're excited to go to Disney!"

These were the words that came out of an excited and unsuspecting 6-year-old, named Kyrie.

Pure joy spread across the faces of the Aughtry Family who learned Wednesday, that they received an all-expense-paid trip to Walt Disney World for their family of five.

"It's wonderful! How does it feel that you guys are going to Disney," Sha'Kyra asked her young boys. "I've never been to Disney, they've never been to Disney so this is a first time experience for me and my family."

Third-year-old Justin, 6-year-old Kyrie and 5-year-old Tristan along, with their mother Sha'Kyra were greeted with balloons, Mickey Mouse and Jet Blue Airlines accessories and a large jet blue airlines check for their surprise.

"Overall, it's great. This is a really great experience. You guys came out here in the cold," the mother of three explained, as she noticed the three flight attendants from jet Blue were also in attendance.

This comes after she and her family, along with her partner, Trent, took in a man with disabilities during the December blizzard.

His hands were severely frostbitten, and he was not able to seek medical attention until 36 hours later.

"I just knew that he needed help. I just jumped in and did what I had to do. What we all should be doing. I just did it. I can't even explain why and how, I just jumped in and did it," Sha'Kyra said,

Aughtry said she remains in contact with Joey. He is undergoing rehab and adjusting to his new way of life after losing his fingers.

"I'm going to continue to visit him and see how everything goes," she said.

The big trip is scheduled within the next two months.

Vacationeer agency manager, Kelly said, "We're doing spring, so it's not too hot. You get that Florida weather. It's not too, too hot there. We're thinking about April that they'll be down there."