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Austrian artist paints 20 murals in 4 days across Buffalo

"TABBY" painted the walls of local businesses such as Toutant, House of Charm, and others.
Posted at 7:39 PM, May 09, 2022

BUFFALO, N.Y. (WKBW) — If you drive across downtown Buffalo, you're likely going to see a new piece of street art.

"We put up 20 murals in four days ... not really sleeping much. I think I painted about 46 hours, sleeping an average of 4 hours a night here. I just wanted to get them done so bad," said TABBY, the artist behind the murals.

TABBY, an Austrian street artist and stencilist, has not revealed his identity to the public. In all public appearances, including his on-camera interview with 7News, he wears a costume to mask his look.

"I've decided to keep my identity a secret so that the art can be the star, the story. This is what it's all about, the art - not me," he said.

TABBY created his art to emulate popular stencil artist Banksy, known across the globe for his controversial and provocative satire.

"I want people to laugh, and people to think. If they learn something, even better," he said.

The street artist was originally brought to Western New York by Jesse Zuefle, another local artist who fell in love with TABBY's work.

"I saw a social media post where he asked where I should bring my art next ... and I said Buffalo. The rest is history," said Zuefle, who originally donated the first public wall to TABBY - the side of the House of Charm bar at 517 Washington St.

Zuefle, an artist himself (who operates under the pseudonym "BanksyHatesMe," also contributed to the project.

"I encourage everyone to step up and think about bringing art to their property. It makes my building beautiful, and it makes our community better," said Zuefle.

You can find TABBY's work across downtown Buffalo, including on the walls of popular businesses such as Toutant restaurant, House of Charm bar, Electric Avenue bar, and many others.

Here are the locations of TABBY's artwork:

  • 517 Washington Street (parking lot side).
  • 300 Ellicott Street (side alley).
  • 391 Washington Street (back alley on Ellicott Street). 5 pieces on site.
  • 437 Ellicott Street (side of building).
  • 191 Allen Street (Elmwood Avenue side).
  • 175 Allen Street (1 by entrance,1 on patio). 2 pieces on site.
  • 330 Richmond Avenue (garage on West Utica side).
  • 810 Elmwood Avenue (parking lot side).
  • 290 14th Street (garage up driveway).
  • 197 Grant Street (driveway side).
  • 320 Grote Street (parking lot side).
  • 1416 Hertel Avenue (side of building). 2 pieces on site.
  • 3234 Main Street (side of building on side street).
  • 3231 Main Street (parking lot side).