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A group of friends on snowmobiles save dozens of stranded residents in the storm

Snowmobile Rescue
Posted at 11:35 PM, Dec 26, 2022

BUFFALO, N.Y. (WKBW) — Several residents became stranded in the midst of the Christmas weekend blizzard and many people jumped into action to help. One man told 7 News he took to the streets to help but quickly found himself on the other side of the rescue.

"You had to be there in the situation and walk past these cars and crawling over these cars to get out of your vehicle and seeing some elderly people, women and kids that couldn't make it through that snow," said Eddie Porter, resident who helped several people before getting stuck himself.

Porter said he was in the thick of the storm, taking desperate measures to rescue others. However, it wasn't long before the raging winds and bitter cold caused Porter to experience a desperate time of his own.

"We didn't know what we were going to do," said Porter. "We were wiling to give anything, put up posts, give money. I was willing to give all the money I had to get back here to my family."

Porter said after 19 hours and 43 minutes waiting stranded on Buffalo's East Side, he heard the motor of a snowmobile that changed everything.

"These guys were helping people," said Porter. "He said he knew a place he could take us and he would help us out. I guess God sent an angel."

"I was expecting to do as much as we did and not realizing how many people really needed our help," said William Kless, coordinated rescues via snowmobiles.

Porter said his angle, William Kless along with a group of friends not only saved him but saved so many others who wouldn’t have made it on their own. On the backs of their snowmobiles Kless told 7 News they were able to save 50 people.

"I lost track of time because I was helping so many people," said Kless. "It was wind blowing. He's got ski masks. The people that I saved were like this. They couldn't even see. They had to put their head in the back of me and just hang on for the ride and we got them back safe."

"Had he not been there I'd probably be dead honestly," said Porter. "Because where was I going to go. Where was I going to walk to in those conditions."

Kless said his group spent three days saving people, animals, delivering food and hope.

"The thank you's and the text messages from the people out of state and family members," said Kless. "It's priceless you know what I mean it's beautiful it really is."

It's a beautiful and Buffalo Strong act of kindness Porter said he'd never forget.

"It's good to know that you got some good people out there," said Porter.