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Buffalo restaurants ready to welcome in Thanksgiving crowd

forty thieves
Posted at 4:12 PM, Nov 23, 2022

BUFFALO, N.Y. (WKBW) — The Buffalo Bills game is just one part of what will be a busy holiday weekend for Buffalo restaurants. While many businesses are closed on Thanksgiving day, other restaurant owners and employees say they are ready for the rush.

"If you’re not here early you’re looking at standing room only," Michael Rizzo, vice president of Sports City Pizza Pub, said.

The atmosphere inside Sports City Pizza Pub during a Buffalo Bills game is filled with excited. With kickoff on Thursday, Rizzo said he is ready for it all.

"Almost a full menu going we'll have staff working and hyping up for game time," he said, "We have a group that'll run chants throughout the game. We're maxing out on the volume and sometimes you're still struggling to hear just with how much energy is in the building."

On top of the Bills crowd, Rizzo said they are typically open post-turkey trot, so they are prepared for the runners too.

"Post-turkey trot is a lot of fun, you know, they're not eating so much but the beers are flowing," Rizzo said.

Over at Forty Thieves on Elmwood Avenue, it is business as usual on Thanksgiving Day.

"We try to stay open as much as possible," Lucas Bichette, general manager, said, "We've always had a really loyal group of customers that want to come in, celebrate with us before they want to spend time with their families."

Bichette said they are expecting a good crowd.

"Lot of people back in town, lot of people looking to celebrate everybody's off tomorrow. Thursday's gonna be a nice crowd with the game, especially throwing that into the mix the game is usually huge for us," he said.

So if you are thinking of skipping out on dinner preparations or need some time away before being with family, know that these restaurants are ready for you.

"It is a marathon of a weekend," Rizzo said.

The fun, Bichette said, starts now.

"We wouldn't have this job if we didn't love it. We love coming into work and we love the family the family that we have here at Forty Thieves," he added.