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Buffalo Police release names of the three teens shot near Buffalo Community Center Friday night

Posted at 3:56 PM, Mar 11, 2019

Buffalo Police are investigating a shooting that happened Friday night near the North Buffalo Community Center. Around 10pm, neighbors on St. Lawrence Avenue say they heard multiple gun shots. Three teenagers were shot and brought to ECMC.

17-year-old Deron Allen died from his injuries. Two 16-year-olds, Clifton Eutsey and Marquese Richardson, survived. Buffalo police say Clifton Eutsey is in fair condition and Marquese Richardson has been released from the hospital.

Buffalo police say the incident was not random but have not made any arrests. If you have any information please call 716-847-2255.

"If you're looking at Deron Allen that's the kid that will love you," William Turner, Allen's cousin said. "He will give you the shirt off his back if you needed it."

Turner and his brother Shamaar Braggs are brothers trying to imagine a world without their best friend, Deron Allen.

"This one right here shook the town like the whole town, the city of Buffalo felt this one," Turner said.

Turner and Braggs grew up with Allen on Buffalo's West Side-- playing basketball and football at the Boys & Girls Club. They say Allen was in the process of getting his GED.

Braggs and Allen had a special connection-- with both expecting sons in May. Braggs and Turner say they're committed to being father figures to a child that Allen will never meet.

"I want the image to show his son is the love he showed me, the love he would have showed his son." Braggs said.