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"How dare you:" emotional rally for families of Buffalo mass shooting victims

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Posted at 11:34 PM, May 19, 2022
and last updated 2022-05-20 12:04:25-04

BUFFALO, NY (WKBW) — The families of Saturday’s victims continuing to speak out, emotional.


"It shouldn't have happened," Andre Mackniel’s aunt, Veronica White said.

"I never would have thought my mother would be shot dead,” Geraldine Talley’s son, Marcus Talley said. Have a bullet go through the right side of her head."

For the first time, Geraldine Talley's son, Marcus Talley, spoke publicly. He said the last time he spoke with his mom was on Mother’s Day.

"My mom showed to be a victim of these because somebody woke up and decided they don't like black people,” Marcus Talley said.

Families left with one less seat filled at the table, including Jacques Patterson's father Deacon Heyward Patterson.

"He's 12 years old and they took his father,” Hayward’s ex-wife Tirzah Patterson said. "His heart is broken, he half eats, he half sleeps. And as a mother, what am I supposed to do?"

Robin Harris, daughter of Ruth Whitfield said her mother was her best friend.

"What am I supposed to do now. I keep seeing her face coming up everywhere I look, but I can't kiss her, I can't hug her,” Harris said. "I'll never see her again. I took my last picture of my mom on Mother’s Day. She was so beautiful. But that picture can't replace her, nothing can."

All the families pleading for an end to this type of violence and hate.

"I need this violence to stop,” Harris said. “We need to fix this, and we need to fix this now."

Reverend Al Sharpton gathered with the families of Heyward Patterson, Andre Mackniel, Geraldine Talley and Ruth Whitfield on Thursday afternoon.

"They did not shoot these victims because of who they were, they shot them because of what they were,” Sharpton said. “They were guilty of being black."

Reverend Sharpton pledging national action network's support, both emotionally and financially. He said any financial need the state does not provide, will come from his organization.

"They need to not have to worry about the expense of burying their loved ones with dignity," Sharpton said.

Deacon Heyward Patterson's funeral is the first of the ten victims. He will be laid to rest on Friday, May 20.

"I need a village to help me raise and be here for my son because he has no father,” Tirzah Patterson said.

Roberta Drury's funeral is Saturday, May 21.

Katherine "Kat" Massey's funeral is on Monday, May 23.

Celestine Chaney's funeral is on Tuesday, May 24.

Margus Morrison's funeral will be next Friday, May 27.