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Family members of Buffalo mass shooting victims struggle to find answers to obtain donations

“We have no idea how to access that how to begin to access that so the money is there, but the information there’s a disconnect in getting to the families we’ve actually heard nothing concrete from the city.”
Posted at 6:24 PM, May 23, 2022

BUFFALO, N.Y. (WKBW) — Several victims' family members of Buffalo Tops mass shooting struggle to get information on obtaining hundreds of donations that are rolling through.

Many of those funds are intended to help survivors and victims' families.

Some loved ones like Previn Brock Sanders, the first cousin of Aaron Salter, the security guard and former Buffalo Police officer who died trying to stop the gunman at the Jefferson Avenue Tops is looking for answers.

Sanders and other grieving families specifically wonder where and when they can get the money being raised in the memories of their loved ones.

"I hear a lot of different things and I see a lot of different funds that have been started from gofundme accounts to what the councilman is trying to do," says Sanders. "But in terms of getting that information to the families, that is what's not there."

These concerns was brought up to Buffalo Common Councilman Ulysees Wingo.

"Those who have buried their loved ones, those who have been the victims of the gun fire they should reach out to," Councilman Wingo says. "To ensure that they're on record for being the direct family member of the dissident."

The National Compassion Fund is partnering with Tops to set up the Buffalo 514 Survivors Fund, which promises direct financial assistance to victim's family members and people directly impacted by the shooting.

The president of Tops, John Persons, explained the process of disturbing the more than $1 million.

"There's a committee that will be comprised this thing is moving very fast and it takes a little time to construct the committee that will be done relatively soon," Persons says. "And the committee will be made up of local leaders and people who are from the community."

If you are a family member of the ten victims that were killed and survivors, please click on the links below to find out where you can get information in obtaining the donations:
National Compassion Fund

National Action Network